Sunday, May 28, 2006

Veg-head no more (for now)

The big news in my personal life is that I've (temporarily) given up being a vegetarian. With DD on a GF/CF diet and DS allergic to wheat, soy and egg yolks, it really limits what the family as a whole can eat. In light of the fact that neither of the kids chose their dietary constraints, continuing to add my own, optional vegetarianism into the mix would be the height of selfishness. And so, I've reintroduced meat into my diet. I started small a couple of weeks ago with just poultry and fish. I still have a hard time ingesting mammals, although I have no trouble overcoming that when the practically intoxicating taste of bacon and pepperoni are concerned.

I also see this as just a temporary change. Some day, if I'm still walking around at that point, the kids will be out on their own and I can once again remove meat from my diet. The ideal of vegetarianism is still one of my core values, it just happens to be lower than the value I hold on my family!