Friday, October 15, 2004

Too much to ask? Part I

We recently had less than satisfactory dealings with a "professional" electrician. His behavior, in fact, has caused a great deal of stress in our household. Here in parts 1-3, I present the background:

The electrician in question (EQ) was brought in by a general contractor (GC) who was remodelling our kitchen. His first day at our house, while the GC is removing the old cabinets, I talked with EQ about what electrical tasks we'd discussed with GC:
Me: The refrigerator will be over here, so we need to move these lightswitches, preferably to the other side of the room.
EQ: I don't know, [rattles off a bunch of objections]. How about if I just move them to the other side of this wall.
Me: That's fine. We'd like the ceiling light moved so that it'll be centered over the island.
EQ: OK, but I'll have to put a cover where the old fixture is. Have you thought about track lighting? [goes into a lengthy explanation of what track lighting is]
Me: I'll talk it over with my wife, but we'll probably want to stick with moving the fixture. Over here, we'd like undercabinet lighting installed.
EQ: I don't know, undercabinet lighting is a lot of work [rattles off another slew of objections]. But if you want to...
Me: [realizing that it probably isn't a good idea to have this guy do something he's not comfortable tackling]. That's okay, we'll skip that.
Not the most impressive of first encounters. EQ spends the rest of his time that day moving the lightswitches. He does entertain us with his rapier wit, however: "How do you turn a dishwasher into a snowblower? Give her a shovel! Yuk-yuk-yuk"

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