Sunday, March 20, 2005

Even worse than a Turkish Delight

In honor of the original holiday, we held an Ostara egg hunt for our son this afternoon. One of the treats delivered by the good bunnies was a "candy"-filled plastic Scooby-Doo egg (yeah, I know, kinda contradicts the whole Ostara angle). At any rate, the quotes are deliberate 'cause when we sampled the concoction, its flavor was rather reminiscent of...well... soap. As one, Ki and I rushed to the kitchen in search of anything to remove the vile taste from our mouths. It was an amusing moment of father-son bonding as we both clawed at our tongues and uttered "bleagh!"

Mixed in with the initial revulsion was a flashback to the trip my DW and I took to Ireland some twelve years ago. During our wanders, we found a shop that sold actual, honest to goodness "Turkish Delights". As childhood fans of the entire C. S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia series, we couldn't wait to try the jellied candies that the Snow Queen had used to entice Edward to her cause. Ever had to sit in church behind a little old lady who has apparently bathed herself in gallons of rose-scented perfume? That's what Turkish Delights taste like; like some evil prankster had added a packet gelatin to a cheap bottle of drug store perfume and foisted it off on unsuspecting tourists. Apparently, some cultural boundaries aren't meant to be crossed.

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