Friday, November 10, 2006

Modern Medicine's Lack of Logic

I've come to the conclusion that, while technology continues to progress, the attitudes and viewpoint of those in the medical community are regressing. Medicine in its current incarnation is not deserving of the title "Science". The primary evidence of this? The lack of a holistic view of health.

I'm not even talking about including spiritual, or even psychological health, but just the most basic idea of the body as a single, interrelated system.

To start with, look at the insurance situation in the United States. If you have Medical Insurance, why do you also need Dental and Vision? Last time I checked, teeth and eyes are part of your body. What's next, Dermal Insurance?

This attitude that physical health can somehow be neatly compartmentalized is also evident in the attitudes of many members of the medical community. When talking to numerous health practitioners about our daughter's autism diagnosis, I have been shocked and amazed by the number of people who take the attitude: "it's a neurological disorder, there's no way diet or circulatory conditions could have an impact on it."

What!? Are they really that stupid? Is there some invisible forcefield in everyone's body that keeps these things separate? Are the materials that make up neurons and neurotransmitters spontaneously generated?

I may be working as a software developer, but my undergraduate and graduate training are in Physics. As such, I know of what I speak and when it comes to scientific methodology, the practice of modern medicine is closer to astrology than any true science.

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