Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election results

I... am... very disappointed! It's not that I had any illusions that Kerry was going to be a great President, but Bush? I mean, c'mon. He's such a... such a... smeg-head! Grrr.

Election results aside, this was an interesting one for me because, for the first time in my voting career, I relied solely on the internet for watching the returns. Matter of necessity, really, 'cause we're totally without any form of television service. I looked at the web sites for the three big "all news" stations: CNN, FoxNews, and MSNBC. Surprisingly, MSNBC's was the worst by far -- practically unusable. Ironic given that one of its major backers is a software company. FoxNews's was the most usable, while, although more awkward than Fox's, CNN's site had the most useful information.

As a final little election tidbit, I was listening to Maine Public Radio on the way home from work this evening and caught an interesting quote from George Smith of the Sportsmen's Alliance of Maine. Of the opposition's recent TV ad campaign he said (at 13:15), "...if you put on, night after night, cattle being slaughtered, bacon would be banned. " Bacon? From a cow? This genius also wants a constitutional amendment preventing wildlife management issues from being allowed on the ballot. Awfully sporting of him, wouldn't you say?

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