Saturday, November 06, 2004

It's Mozilla for me

I've finally done it. While I switched over to Firefox several months ago, I had been holding on to using Outlook as my e-mail client. My excuses were that it let me also check my Hotmail account and that I had carried it along with me through the last three changes to my ISP (TimeWarner, Adelphia, and now Verizon). After getting thwacked by a really annoying bit of spyware recently, I decided it might finally be prudent to remove the Admin rights from the account my DW and I use to logon. Urk. Outlook decided to be a chump and choke on that change. That was all the push I needed. I downloaded Thunderbird and restored Admin rights to my account long enough to import everything from Outlook. It's not perfect -- Outlook kept a bunch of my HTML messages seemed to come over as plain text for some reason -- but so far, I'm basically pleased with my decision. As for accessing Hotmail, I created a "Web Mail" folder on the Bookmark Toolbar and, with Firefox's wonderful "Open in Tabs" option, I can now check GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo in one swell foop.
Next up on the chopping block... the rest of Microsoft Office. Stay tuned!

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