Friday, October 28, 2005

Let the 'Flix begin

As some of you may know, we do not subscribe to any televisions service (i.e. cable or satellite). In theory, we could pick up over-the-air broadcasts, but we really haven't missed TV that much. Or should I say, we haven't missed the ADS that much. For the past year or so, we've been renting a lot of TV shows on DVD. IMHO, it's the best thing since sliced... something or other. With something on the order of 35-70 hours in a season, a good TV show can bring you a lot more entertainment that a movie; you don't have to sit or FF through stupid advertising; you don't have to wait a whole week (or longer!) to find out what happened; and you can skip over any of the "dipisodes" (too silly) or "dripisodes" (too saccharine) that the producers all too often decide to throw in.
There are two down sides to watching TV on DVD, however. One is that, as with a good book, you can get sucked in and have a hard time preventing yourself from watching/reading one more episode/chapter, when what you really should be doing is going to bed! The second ish, is that your local video store can only carry so much, and their tastes don't always jibe with yours.
Ever since New Year's, I've been saying "we ought to sign up for NetFlix", "we ought to sign up for NetFlix", "we ought to sign up for NetFlix". So I finally got off my @$$ last weekend and signed us up for NetFlix.
Our first selections to arrive were Scrubs Season 1, the Battlestar Galactica miniseries, and Discworld: Wyrd Sisters. We watched Scrubs first. I liked Zach Braff in Garden State and had heard good things about the series. In general I dislike comedic movies and despise sitcoms; they are too often predicated on stupid person does something stupid and keeps @$#*ing up trying to avoid getting found out. Reminds me of the saying "hit rock bottom and kept digging." With this in mind, I have to say... I laughed my @$$ off. Great writing, great cast, great timing. I can't wait for Disc 2 to get here.

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