Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Firefox 1.5 Released

For all of you Firefox fans out there (who isn't?), Mozilla has released version 1.5. I've already installed it on my home computer and will be the guinea pig for anyone wanting to wait and see if there are any glaring problems with the release. As with a lot of Firefox upgrades, not all of the extensions have compatible versions yet -- but since they're developed gratis in someone's free time, I don't think we can really complain.

On the topic of Firefox extensions, here's a quick list of some of the ones I find indispensable:
Bug Me Not -– ever have someone e-mail you a link to an item at a site that wants you to register just to view it (e.g. NY Times)? This extension lets you fill in dummy login info from bugmenot with a simple right click.
Copy Plain Text -– This one isn't yet compatible with 1.5, but it lets you copy the selected text to the clipboard without all the formatting. Great if the app you want to paste into doesn't have a "Paste Special" option.
IE View -– Another not-yet-available-for-1.5 extension. This one lets you open the page you're currently viewing in Firefox in Internet Explorer. Great for those sites you have to access, but that were coded specifically for IE. |P
Plain Text Links - this extension is even more useful in Thunderbird, but if you've ever come across a URL that wasn't a hyperlink for some reason, this extension will let you follow it without have to copy/paste it to the address bar.
Target Alert - I'd actually just installed this one shortly before upgrading to 1.5. Unlike another, similar extension which placed an icon after ever link on the page causing some ugly formatting issues, this one waits to display the icon until you hover over the link. Oh, and for both extensions, the icons give you a visual clue as to what the link is targeting -- another page, a PDF document, a zip file, etc.

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